Abundant Life Kitchen

In mid 2018 God spoke to us about feeding the homeless and elderly people in our community. We soon realized just how great that need is. We encountered dozens of elderly people that are sick or simply no longer able to work and literally had no one to care for them. We also encountered some homeless people living in the streets or had made a shelter out of cardboard boxes. We are currently on track to serving in excess of 14,000 meals this year, with more being added regularly. We need your help! We currently are only able to serve on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We need to add more days and also care for the new ones coming and asking for help but our budget is limiting us to how much more we can do. Will you prayerfully consider helping us to feed them. Some of them come out to meet us when we deliver the food literally crying and thanking God for something to eat and others invite us to come in and pray with them about their needs. You can make a difference today in someone’s life by clicking on the donation button below and giving either a onetime amount or a recurring donation. Thank you!