Current Projects

New Offices

Due to the growth in the ministry over the past few years it has become necessary to remodel one of our existing properties to house our Ministry Offices, Home Church, Bible College offices which will include a media suite to record all of our video courses and dorms for visiting ministries who want to come short term to teach, preach or help in one of the ministries LAMM is involved in. The cost of the remodel project is $100,000.

New Dorms for The Children’s Home

Recently, because of the crises at the U.S. and Mexico border there have been a lot of children that have been left in Mexico and the Department of Child Services of the state of Tamaulipas has approached us and asked us if we would be willing to accept children from other countries. We are in need of adding more dormitories immediately to accommodate this huge crises. The cost of building new dorms and bathrooms that will house another 30 kids is approximately $35,000 U.S. dollars. Will you prayerfully consider helping with this need today by clicking on the donate button below?